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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stolen Sun: The Juliana Lucio Series by L.C. DeCarlo

Stolen Sun: The Juliana Lucio Series by L.C. DeCarlo

Late one night following her shift in the emergency department, Dr. Juliana Lucio is violently attacked and left for dead. To her surprise she wakes up to find she has been turned into a creature that only exists in her dreams--a vampire. Now, two new Master Vampires are in town, and want to use Juliana’s unusual abilities to further their own plans of destruction. Because of Juliana's refusal to join them, they set their sights on Juliana's teenage son, and they don't plan on leaving town until he has fangs of his own.

Juliana is then forced to turn to the woman who stole her life, and family, to get her help in protecting them. Can Juliana, her Sire, and her sire's sexy best friend stop the powerful master vampires before they take her son . . . or will none of them make it out alive?

Stolen Sun is the introduction to a paranormal series that will become a very dystopian like society. Humans have no knowledge of vampires, and the vampires want it to stay that way. Well, most of them do at least. But events have taken place, and factions are already in the works to oust the vampires to humankind; with Juliana’s refusal to comply everything goes on fast-forward. In this novel we get to see the lengths the good guys will go to to keep Juliana’s family safe. In the second we get a close-up look up at the bad guys, and what they will do to get what they want.

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